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Dec 24, 2011 11:30am PST
coach jerry sandusky is accused of molesting ten boys. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn's alleged assault on a new york city hotel maid generated attention. charges were filed and later dropped, based on the accuser's credibility. >> things aren't perfect in the u.s. when the comes is sex cancels but the reality is, we don't have a complete disregard of the women just right out of the gate. do have support women, we're on tv talking about it right now. >> that led to the imf choosing a woman, france's christine legarde to head the agency. with ibms appointment of virginia rommetty as its first female ceo the number of women ceos in fortune 500 companies rose to 18 - but fell back to 17 as avon's andrea jung announced she was stepping down. >> she's a lot more polished. did excellent during the debate. she surprised a lot of people with her command of the issues. it's an interesting thing. and her coming in to the race i think steals the thunder away from sarah palin. >> one of the most consfertive women in congress, michele bachmann, announced her
Dec 7, 2011 5:30pm PST
year prison term also for corruption. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was jailed today. he was accused of new counts of sexually abusing boys but could not post bail. sandusky already faced 40 counts. there was also word that bernie fine, a former assistant basketball coach at syracuse university will not face charges of molesting boys in the 1980s. a prosecutor said the statute of limitations has run out. prosecutors in philadelphia have dropped their long-running fight to execute mumia abu jamal. the black panther was sentenced to death for murdering a white police officer, daniel faulkner, during a traffic stop. abu jamal maintained he was a victim of racism and in 2008 a federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing hear. today, the district attorney said he wants to avoid more years of appeals. >> there's never been any doubt in my mind that mumia abu jamal shot and killed officer faulkner. and i believe that the appropriate sentence was handed down by the jury of his peers in 1982. while abu jamal will no longer be facing the death penalty, he wi
Dec 13, 2011 5:30pm PST
. jerry sandusky's decision means his case will proceed to a trial. he faces more than 50 counts of sexually abusing ten boys across a 12-year-period. sandusky has denied the allegations, and defense lawyer joseph amendola said today, that has not changed. >> i don't want there to be any misunderstanding. we are not in any way conceding guilt. in fact, jerry is more adamant than ever of his innocence, in expressing his innocence at trial. today's decision was simply a tactical measure based upon an analysis of what was going to transpire. >> sreenivasan: instead, the defense said it wanted to avoid having sandusky's accusers amplify their claims in open court. a pennsylvania state prosecutor said it was probably for the best. >> i haven't spoken to the victims. you've got to show and understand that you can't forget the victims in this. you want to have some feelings of compassion for the hurt that they have. you know, i think i would imagine that they would be somewhat relieved not having to go out and testify and be cross-examined. >> sreenivasan: sandusky's next scheduled cour
Dec 16, 2011 5:30pm PST
abuse charges against jerry sandusky, a former assistant football coach. the judge's ruling involved penn state athletic director tim curley, who's now on leave, and gary schultz, a former university vice president. earlier in the day, assistant football coach mike mcqueary testified that he "has no doubt" he saw sandusky molest a boy in a locker room shower in 2002. as many as 20,000 children have been sexually abused in roman catholic institutions in the netherlands since 1945. an independent commission announced that finding today, after investigating incidents at schools, orphanages and seminaries. the report said some 800 priests, pastors, and lay people were implicated, but only about 100 are still alive. after the release, the archbishop of utrecht issued an apology. >> i feel ashamed, and i feel deeply touched and affected by what rirea i have read in the r. >> sreenivasan: the archbishop said victims will be compensated by a commission established by the church last month. individual payments could go as high as $130,000. baseball's home run king, barry bonds, escaped a pris
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)